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Summer Over Autumn Leaf Contest

Contest winners are in!!

A word from our judges (the author, a naturalist, and an artist):

“Dear friends, judging was rough. All the leaves sent in were both beautiful and poignant, and many were very creative: leaves under water, leaves on rocks, leaves with machinery, with feet, with ears, and even one with a (darling!) baby rat.  All reminded us in some way of the cover leaf–and beautifully expressed the Summer Over Autumn demi-season that gave the title to the book. We want to thank ALL the contestants!”

1. Most poignant: “Prayer Flags” by Tianne Strombeck 

2. Most beautiful: “Lazy Leaves” by Rana Williams

3. Most like the leaf on the cover: “Mid-September: Transition Time” by Dan Millbauer 

To celebrate the demi-season between summer and fall, that lovely time of year Howard Mansfield describes in his new book Summer Over Autumn: A Small Book of Small Town Life, we’re holding a contest!

There will be three local prizes for three categories of the best “summer over autumn” leaves and all winners receive a signed copy of the book! The prizes and full contest details are below:

  • 1st Prize: For the most poignant Summer Over Autumn leaf

    $50 gift certificate towards dinner at the Hancock Inn

  • 2nd Prize: For the most beautiful Summer Over Autumn leaf

    $25 gift certificate towards lunch at Fiddleheads Cafe

  • 3rd Prize: For the leaf most like that on the cover of Summer Over Autumn

    $10 gift certificate towards coffee/treats from The Hancock Market

It’s that demi-season between summer and fall: before the great colors, when August’s heat lacks conviction. It’s a “moment poised on a see-saw” writes author Howard Mansfield, who coined the term Summer Over Autumn and made it the title of his new book SUMMER OVER AUTUMN: A SMALL BOOK OF SMALL TOWN LIFE.

If you live in New England, you know this moment, when the corn and tomatoes are abundant but you can already smell the ripening apples, and here and there the green leaves  of summer show a splattering of red or yellow.  Maybe it’s your favorite time of year.

To celebrate, we’re holding a contest. Find the leaf that most says “Summer Over Autumn” to you. Send us a digital photo (or the leaf) by October 16th. We’ll post photos of the leaves on Facebook and Twitter, and at the end of October we’ll award prizes from some of Hancock’s wonderful businesses in honor of the town featured in the book. 

The contest judges will be the author, a naturalist and an artist! Click this link to submit to Submittable or mail us your leaves: Bauhan Publishing PO Box 117 Peterborough, NH 03458.