Where Have All The Animals Gone?

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Dale Peterson

256 pp., 6 x 9, Paperback


October 2015

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Over the last fifteen years, Dale Peterson has collaborated with photographer Karl Ammann to produce three books about apes, elephants, and giraffes. For this book, Peterson accompanied the iconoclastic Swiss photographer through Africa and Southeast Asia, serving as his Boswell and discovering along the way magnificent splendor, unexpected humor, and tragic loss.

Where Have All the Animals Gone? includes photos and an afterword by Ammann, who has lived for decades in Kenya with his wife, two adopted chimpanzees, and a home-raised cheetah.

Peterson divides the book into three sections. Part I deals with the bushmeat (wild animal meat) trade in Central Africa, and how human consumption of endangered and vulnerable species like apes, elephants, and giraffes has become a critical conservation issue. Part II is based on subsequent travels in Asia and Africa, as Peterson and Ammann researched and took photos for a book about how the bushmeat and ivory trades threaten the elephant population. It also includes a visit to a bear bile farm in Myanmar’s Special Region 4. Part III shows Peterson and Ammann returning to Africa in search of wild giraffes at Lake Nakuru and Samburu, and in the Mara and Namibia.