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The Untamed Grasses

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Allegro Music re-issued The Untamed Grasses in April 2008 on Alula Records (AL1052). It has updated liner notes and I have re-done December Day and renamed it “Liberation,” in honor of Martyn Bennett, who did the track for me in 1993, and who so sadly died in 2004 from cancer.


  1. The Curlew/Bird In The Tree/Andy McGann’s/The Curlew
  2. The Untamed Grasses
  3. Pottinger’s Reel/Miss Barker’s/Miss Taylor’s
  4. She Left A Star
  5. Renn’s March/Leaving Port Askaig
  6. Tom Morrison’s/Fedora/Roarin’ Lauren
  7. Leaf’s Waltz
  8. Horgalaten
  9. Acharonich
  10. The Racoon Cap/The Returned Yank/Aly’s Fiddle
  11. Legere Existence
  12. Untamed Grasses-Reprise
  13. Liberation (formerly December Day)