Lathrop’s Waltz

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Lathrop’s Waltz is a waltz Sarah wrote for her father, William Lathrop Bauhan, on his 50th birthday. Following his passing, Sarah has titled her new album as a tribute to him.
On this album Sarah is joined by a host of new and emerging talent from the fiddle of Emma Clarkson, aged 12, to the amazingly clear voice of Chloe Green in her early 20’s, with three of the Orzechowski clan—Francis, Russell and Sophie playing fiddles and piano*.

As well traditional jigs and reels, there are lots of contemporary tunes from Scotland, Ireland, France, French Canada and America, including a number a new original tunes. The album is Sarah’s first to include vocal numbers: The Snows They Melt the Soonest, and Garnet Rogers’ song, The Lost Ones, sung by Chloe Green.
Lathrop’s Waltz also sees the return of veterans and my good friends: Marko Murray on guitar, Kent Allyn on bass and keyboards, Jane Orzechowski on fiddle, David Surette on mandolin and bouzouki, and Kirsty Anderson on clarsach, Iain Bain on highland pipes and Bob McQuillen on piano.



  1. Calum’s Road
  2. The Grace of Greens/ Soir et Matin
  3. Robertson’s/Reel de Montebello/Evit Gabriel
  4. The Lost Ones
  5. Turieadh Iain Ruaidh (Lament for Red Iain)
  6. Hannah
  7. Off to California/Reel de Montreal /Barrowburn/John Stenson’s/Brenda Stubbert
  8. The Dark Island/Jimmy Findlater
  9. Kusnacht/The Joy of it
  10. The Snows They Melt the Soonest.
  11. Ker Jacob
  12. For Friends/The White Petticoat/Horse With a Heart
  13. April Waltz /Lathrop’s Waltz