Broad Waters

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The 1999 release of Broad Waters was the long-awaited third album by Sarah Bauhan. Sarah once again creates a diverse collection of music held together by the fluid tone of her wooden whistles and flute. In addition she has composed many new selections including Lament for Iona – a tribute and a lament written in memory of four young men who drowned off the tiny island of Iona on Scotland’s west coast. This collection of really lovely tunes is sure to delight first-time listeners as well as those already familiar with the talents of Sarah Bauhan.



  1. Le Tourment, Auld Dutch Churn, Patrick’s Jig (3:39)
  2. Loch Rannoch, The MacNeil’s of Ugadale, Flett From Flotta (5:19)
  3. Farewell to Ulva, The Graves at New Aberdour (6:14)
  4. Maubuissons Medley (4:41)
  5. Café Marko (3:39)
  6. Lament for Owen Roe, The Road to Glencripesdale (5:43)
  7. Mr. Kinloch’s Ball (4:31)
  8. Lament for Iona (4:31)-
  9. Daj mi Daj, Marty’s Mallorcan Mazurka (5:20)
  10. The Spirits of Wine, Richard Dwyer, Luke of Monymusk (4:06)
  11. Karen’s Walk (2:48)