An Accidental Manager

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Roger Collis

400 pp., 6 x 9, Paperback


Category: Grove Street Books


“Pungent;” “pithy;” “irreverent;” “hard-hitting;” “hilarious;” “succinct;” “wittily subversive;” “entertaining;” “compulsive reading.” These are some of the epithets used to describe An Accidental Manager – Tales From the Corporate Jungle, Roger Collis’ new book, distilled from decades of experience as an international marketing executive and as a renowned newspaper and magazine columnist fighting the corner of road-warriors across the world.

The author brilliantly captures the absurdities, pretensions and jargon of the business jungle, and will quickly have you chuckling at the way he unfailingly spots the bogus and the modish. The reader will enjoy meeting the cast of characters who come to life in many of the stories: the Chairman; the devious Welshman; Guratsky, the author’s putative alta ego; his secretary, the bitch-goddess Helen; Mel Geist; Sammy Kalbfleish; and Stanley Zilch, the crazed soothsayer of the Blue Skies Research Institute in Broken Springs, Colorado. The witty, self-deprecating tales of the author’s travails of daily life in the South of France are a delight to read.




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