Henry James

Henry began his publishing partnership with Sarah forty years ago while they were at the University of New Hampshire, where he served as director of the student press with Sarah as production manager. After college, Henry worked as an editorial assistant at Yankee Magazine, published local independent telephone directories, and worked for a Boston publisher of phonebooks before moving in 1990 to Los Angeles, where he intended to publish more phonebooks (just as the internet was poised to render them obsolete.) Fortunately, he was persuaded by his twin brother to lease a run-down motel instead, and cleaned toilets, and made beds for the next ten years. Henry recalls those endless days of running a 24/7 service business on Wilshire Boulevard with a certain fondness and the odd involuntary body tic. He returned to New England in 2000 and soon joined forces with Sarah to revive her father’s publishing company. Henry designs our book covers and handles pre-press photography and illustration work.

You can contact Henry here.