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Sarah Bauhan and Her Music

Sarah BauhanMusic is an intimate art form for Sarah Bauhan, who brings together family and long-time friends to share in performances and recordings, and pens waltzes, laments, reels and the like in honor of people who are dear to her. That’s no surprise, as the traditional music she plays on whistle and flute shares her Celtic and New England roots. Born and raised in the Monadnock Region of New Hampshire and with strong ties to her mother’s native Scotland, Sarah picked up the tin whistle at the age of 12. Within two years she was performing at contra dances with Dudley Laufman’s Canterbury Country Dance Orchestra.

In addition to Laufman, who is credited with a contra dance revival in southwest New Hampshire, Sarah was influenced by her godfather, Newt Tolman, a flute player and writer, and by Bob McQuillen, a piano player and composer who in 2002 was named a National Heritage Fellow. In 1987, while performing at Pete Seeger’s Clearwater Festival in New York, Sarah fell in love with, and soon came to own, a wood concert flute made in 1912 by the Wm. S. Haynes Flute Company of Boston. She added to that instrument a collection of fine wood and silver whistles made by Chris Abell of Asheville, N.C., adding both depth and scope to her repertoire of music.

Sarah has released four solo albums, including three on her own label, Whistler’s Music: the 1991 “Chasing the New Moon,” the 1999 “Broad Waters,” and the 2007 “Lathrop’s Waltz.” “The Untamed Grasses” came out in 1993 on the Alcazar label, and was re-released in 2008 on the Alula label. In addition to recording, Sarah performs at festivals, concerts, and dances, and has taught whistle and flute to children and adults at dance camps, in schools, and in workshops. Her performance options range from a simple duo with a guitarist or pianist to a multi-piece band with fiddle, guitar, bass, and piano and vocals.

Check out more about Sarah’s music on her Facebook page and her website.

The tracks from the CDs listed here are all available for download at itunes or CDBaby.


1. Calum's Road
2. The Grace of Greens/Soir et Matin
3. Robertson's/Reel de Montebello/Evit Gabriel
4. The Lost Ones
5. Turieadh Iain Ruaidh (Lament for Red Iain)
6. Hannah
7. Off to California/Reel de Montreal /Barrowburn/John Stenson's/Brenda Stubbert
8. The Dark Island/Jimmy Findlater
9. Kusnacht/The Joy of it
10. The Snows They Melt the Soonest.
11. Ker Jacob
12. For Friends/The White Petticoat/Horse With a Heart
13. April Waltz/Lathrop's Waltz

Lathrop’s Waltz

Lathrop’s Waltz is a waltz Sarah wrote for her father. William Lathrop Bauhan, on his 50th birthday. Following his passing, Sarah has titled her new album as a tribute to him
On this album Sarah is joined by a host of new and emerging talent from the fiddle of Emma Clarkson, aged 12, to the amazingly clear voice of Chloe Green in her early 20’s, with three of the Orzechowski clan—Francis, Russell and Sophie playing fiddles and piano*.
As well traditional jigs and reels, there are lots of contemporary tunes from Scotland, Ireland, France, French Canada and America, including a number a new original tunes. The album is Sarah’s first to include vocal numbers: The Snows They Melt the Soonest, and Garnet Rogers’ song, The Lost Ones, sung by Chloe Green.
Lathrop’s Waltz also sees the return of veterans and my good friends: Marko Murray on guitar, Kent Allyn on bass and keyboards, Jane Orzechowski on fiddle, David Surette on mandolin and bouzouki, and Kirsty Anderson on clarsach, Iain Bain on highland pipes and Bob McQuillen on piano.


1.Le Tourment, Auld Dutch Churn, Patrick’s Jig (3:39)
2. Loch Rannoch, The MacNeil’s of Ugadale, Flett From Flotta (5:19)
3.Farewell to Ulva, The Graves at New Aberdour (6:14)
4.Maubuissons Medley (4:41)
5.Café Marko (3:39)
6.Lament for Owen Roe, The Road to Glencripesdale (5:43)
7.Mr. Kinloch’s Ball (4:31)
8.Lament for Iona (4:31)-
9.Daj mi Daj, Marty’s Mallorcan Mazurka (5:20)
10.The Spirits of Wine, Richard Dwyer, Luke of Monymusk (4:06)
11.Karen’s Walk (2:48)
Sarah: Haynes wood flute, Abell whistles
Accompanied by:
Mark Murray: guitar
Kent Allyn: fretless bass, piano, keyboards
Jane Orzechowski: fiddle
Kirsty Anderson: harp
Iain Bain: highland pipes
Gary Sredzienski: accordion
Bob Abrams: button accordion
Jay Smith: bodhran

Broad Waters

The 1999 release of Broad Waters was the long-awaited third album by Sarah Bauhan. Sarah once again creates a diverse collection of music held together by the fluid tone of her wooden whistles and flute. In addition she has composed many new selections including Lament for Iona – a tribute and a lament written in memory of four young men who drowned off the tiny island of Iona on Scotland’s west coast. This collection of really lovely tunes is sure to delight first-time listeners as well as those already familiar with the talents of Sarah Bauhan.


1. The Curlew/Bird In The Tree/Andy McGann's/The Curlew
2. The Untamed Grasses
3. Pottinger's Reel/Miss Barker's/Miss Taylor's
4. She Left A Star
5. Renn's March/Leaving Port Askaig
6. Tom Morrison's/Fedora/Roarin' Lauren
7. Leaf's Waltz
8. Horgalaten
9. Acharonich
10. The Racoon Cap/The Returned Yank/Aly's Fiddle
11. Legere Existence
12. Untamed Grasses-Reprise
13. Liberation (formerly December Day)
Sarah Bauhan - Whistles, Flute
Jane Orzechowski - Fiddle
Bob McQuillen - Piano
Chris Abell - Conga, Flute, Whistle
Kent Allyn - Bass, Piano, Keyboards
Jay Smith - Bodhran
Martyn Bennett - Keyboards
David Surette - Bouzouki, Mandolin, Guitar, Tenor Banjo

The Untamed Grasses

Allegro Music re-issued The Untamed Grasses in April 2008 on Alula Records (AL1052). It has updated liner notes, and I have re-done December Day and renamed it “Liberation” in honor of Martyn Bennett, who did the track for me in 1993, and who so sadly died in 2004 from cancer.


1. Ballintore Fancy / Duke of Leinster 2:49
2. Road to Kerrigouarch / Lo Ceu N’a Creat / Breton Gavotte 5:32
3. Deerfoot / Quindaro / Alvah Batchelder’s 3:29
4. The Sadness of Some / The Trowie Burn 5:28
5. Trotting to Larne / Dust on the Windowsill / Spencer’s Jig 4:12
6. Vals Efter Manneberg / Another Amelia’s Waltz 5:29
7. Kay Girroir / Joe’s Toes / Macilmoyle 4:59
8. First Night in Connecticut / Raiford’s Jig 3:48
9. Kantara to el’Arish / #3 Calrossie House 3:54
10. Brianna Morrissey / Poor Auld Woman / Reel de Madame Jobin 3:35
11. The Homecoming Jig 2:42
12. Lament for Elizabeth Anne Forbes 5:12
13. Chasing the New Moon 2:43

Chasing the New Moon

This is Sarah’s debut album, which was released to rave reviews.
On it she explores her roots as a contra dance musician and then expands into the world of celtic music with her signature airs and laments.
This is a classic album and is played over and over again.